The hot spring of the plateau of Mitaka-iria in Izu is located between
Kawazu and Inatori and is a quiet one surrounded by greenery.
Come here for healing your heart and body.

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Secluded spa with fresh water from the source at the foot of the mountain


It is a secluded good hot spring directly from the source in the plateau of Mitaka-iria.

The spring is managed by the district of Mitaka-iria and you can enjoy bathing relaxed with local people.

Especially you can enjoy bathing the best during daytime on weekdays

It is a day-use hot spring where you can enjoy fresh plateau air after relaxing bathing.

 ※We are closed on Thursdays
(the next day if it is a public holiday).

You can also lodge at a cottage


The cottage is a Japanese style row house with three rooms each of which can accommodate 7 people at most.

There are no meal services, but there are a simple kitchen and cooking utensils. So you can cook ingredients you have brought in there.

Japanese bedding is prepared and you don’t need to bring in your sleeping bag. In addition, bring in your toilet set and pajamas

Mitaka-Iriya Highland Spa in IZU

2064-13 Mitaka Kawazu town 4130503 Shizuoka JAPAN

TEL&FAX +81-558-32-3556

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