Guide of the hot spring

Spring quality : alkali simple hot spring (hyptonic/alkali/hot temperature). The source water (PH9.32) is heated.
Efficacious: against neuralgia, arthralgia, muscle pains, chronic digestive diseases, excessive sensitivity to cold and fatigue.

浴室イメージ 通路 外観
Bathtub and washing place.
Small and calm boarded bathroom and washing place.
Corridor and bathrooms for men (in the front) and women (in the back) seen from the reception. In the right house, there are bathrooms and in the left house, there are the reception, a selling place for vegetables and processed foods and the rest room and restaurant.
  夜も営業 季節の花がいっぱい
  The house for the hot spring at night. It is filled with lots of atmosphere even at night. Flowers for all four seasons bloom around the house.

About business

Opening hours 10:00 to 20:00  ※10:00 to19:00 from January 1st to 3rd
Fees 500 yen for high school students or more adults/250 yen for elementary and junior high school students/free for young children
We are closed on Thursdays (the next day if it is a public holiday). Open every day in August.


Please note that you cannot bring your pet in the house with you and you cannot bathe on
Thursdays even if you lodge because maintenance is carried out on Thursdays.

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