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Reservation for the cottage of the hot spring

We receive your reservation by e-mail.
We inform you of your reservation after we have confirmed your availability.

You reservation is completed after we have informed you of your reservation.

In addition, since we are closed on Thursdays, your inquiring mail on Wednesday or Thursday will be replied on Friday or later.

How to pay: pay in cash on the spot.

cancellation: inform us of your cancellation 2 days before the scheduled lodging day. If you dont inform us of your cancellation, you may pay 100% of your fees.

Phone to ・・・ +81-558-32-3556 (Japanese Only)

Request Time 10001700 (Closed Thursday

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We receive or Inquiry to your reservation by e-mail.
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Mitaka-Iriya Highland Spa in IZU

2064-13 Mitaka Kawazu town 4130503 Shizuoka JAPAN

TEL&FAX +81-558-32-3556


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